Protect Your Family

Our growing family range aims to provide accessibility, contact and location sharing with smart devices to ensure your loved ones are safe. Ideal for any concerned father, mother, son or daughter.

Accurate Location Tracking

Live view the device location within metres, enhanced by the 4G cellular network.

SOS Function

Quickly alert specific contacts for emergencies with an on-device SOS button.

Flexible SIM Options

Choose your Australian SIM provider depending on 4G coverage in your area.

Australian Tech Support

Get support from the local technical team who handle our products every day.


Family Safety

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Family-Friendly Features

Here at Fendio we understand the importance of wanting to protect your loved ones. Our devices aim to provide you with features that enable location monitoring, safe two-way communication, SOS functions and more to give you and those important to you peace of mind.

Location Monitoring

Functions like a wearable GPS.

Two-Way Communication

Set contacts, call and text via 4G.

Geo-Fence / Safety Zones

Get instant alerts if triggered

Durable Design

For everday use, and waterproof.

Live Location Tracking

Check-in on the location of your device and ensure the user is safe with the free app, and set up a geo-fence to get alerts straight to your phone and prevent misadventures.

SOS Button

Quick access to an SOS button on the device will instantly notify any logged-in app user, and immediately begin contacting pre-set contacts until someone answers.

Secure & Reliable Communication

Send and receive calls and texts between the device user and your pre-set list of contacts. Only contact numbers you’ve allowed can communicate with the device.

Our products

Flexible SIM Options

Activate a pre-paid SIM with any Australian mobile phone plan that supports both calls and SMS. Insert into your device, register your account and unlock all these features.

Our products

Expert Support

Ready to get tracking your valuable assets or have a burning question? Get in touch with one of our knowledgable staff and get started.

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