7-IN-1 Ultimate Multi-functional Personal Alarm (Grey)

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This remarkable device incorporates passive infrared, light sensing, vibration detection, and warning alerts, boasting cutting-edge features. Its main function is to provide timely notifications regarding potential security risks. Moreover, its Bluetooth connectivity ensures the safety of your loved ones and your belongings, maintaining them at a secure distance. The built-in flashlight and SOS feature further enhance security in various scenarios.



  • Passive Infrared Alarm: This feature can detect movement within a protective zone of up to 10 meters, activating a 3-minute alarm in response to intruders or animals.
  • Light Trigger Alarm: When placed in dim environments, such as drawers, safes, handbags, or wardrobes, this alarm will sound upon exposure to light after being opened.
  • Vibration Alarm: This alarm is triggered if the device is moved. For example, it can be hung on a door handle and instantly sound an alarm if an attempt is made to open it.
  • Warning Function: Use alternating red and white lights to enhance your safety during night runs or bicycle rides. Velcro straps are included for convenience.
  • Bluetooth Anti-Lost: Connect this device to your mobile device, and an alarm will sound if your children or valuables venture more than 10 meters away
  • Flashlight Function: The built-in LED lights serve as a portable torch, ensuring you have a reliable light source in dark environments.
  • SOS Function: In potentially hazardous situations, press the SOS button to activate a loud 130-decibel alarm, effectively deterring potential threats.

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