Portable Solar Power Bank for Outdoor Trail Cameras

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Ensure your trail cameras stay powered with our 5V solar panel charger for 4G HD trail cameras. Featuring a 5200mAh high-capacity internal battery and an IP66 waterproof rating, this portable solar charger can be mounted to trees, walls, or other surfaces, providing reliable power for your cameras wherever you need it.

Ditch the hassle of buying batteries for your trail cameras with our lightweight and powerful solar panel charger. Equipped with two integrated lithium batteries, it harnesses the sun's rays for reliable power. 

With a capacity to produce up to 2,000 photos per day of full sunshine, you won't run out of power when you need it. Plus, the batteries store enough energy for up to 10,000 photos, even in cloudy or overcast conditions. The 3-meter wire connects easily to your camera, and the built-in charge indicator and IP66 waterproof rating ensure you always stay powered and protected.



Built-in battery capacitor

2 pieces 18650 lithium batteries , Sanyo 5200mAh

Max. Output

5V 1.3 A, output over-current protection, short-cut protection

Charging methods

  1. Solar charging

  2. External power charging (5V)

Solar panel charging output


Solar panel charging current


Start-up modes

  1. More than 0.2W solar power output is detected

  2. Turn on by hand

  3. Operation load is detected.

Triple battery protection

  1. Over discharge protection, stop discharging when voltage is lower than 3.3V

  2. Over current protection, stop charging when voltage is higher than 4.2V

  3. Temperature protection, stop charging when temperature is higher than 65℃ or lower than 2℃

Power management

  1. Stop invalid charging

  2. Higher than 91% output conversion rate

Standard condition

1000W/m²; 25℃; AM1.5

Line length

3m, 3mm charging input


M6 screw size

Full charged time

Sunny day, 5 days

Installation angle

Face South, 45 degree

Operation Temperature

-10 ~ 85

Storage Temperature

-20 ~ 50







What's in the Box

1x Solar Panel

1x Connection Cable

1x Mounting Bracket

1x Quick Start Manual

1x Screws Set

Solar Panel ×1 Connection cable x 1

Mounting Bracket ×1 

Quick Start Manual ×1 

Screws x1 set

Download Manual & Support

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