Motorbike Anti-collision Avoidance Millimeter-wave Radar

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Introducing the Anti-collision Avoidance Radar: Redefining Safety Standards for Riders

Ride with confidence knowing you're equipped with the latest in safety technology. The Anti-collision Avoidance Radar harnesses cutting-edge millimeter-wave radar to deliver unparalleled detection capabilities, providing you with enhanced safety on every journey.

Advanced Radar Technology for Superior Protection
Experience next-level safety with our advanced radar technology, offering extended detection range of up to 170 meters. With early threat recognition and increased reaction time, you can navigate the roads with heightened awareness and peace of mind. Track up to 64 targets simultaneously at speeds of up to 250 km/h for comprehensive coverage that keeps you safe in any riding scenario.

Wide-Angle Detection for Maximum Awareness
Our radar system boasts a broad detection range between 68° to 120°, providing you with a wide-angle view to capture potential hazards from all angles. Stay informed and alert to your surroundings, ensuring maximum coverage for ultimate protection.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Rider Safety
Navigate with confidence using innovative features designed to keep you safe on the road. With Blind Spot Detection (BSD), IPX7 Water Resistance, and Lane Change Warning System, you'll stay one step ahead of potential dangers, no matter the weather or road conditions.

Effortless Connectivity and Installation
Experience hassle-free setup with wireless connectivity between the radar unit and receiver, eliminating the clutter of wires and streamlining the installation process. Designed for ease of use, our system requires no technical expertise – simply unpack and start riding with confidence.

Tailored for Two-Wheeled Vehicles
Engineered specifically for motorcycles and bicycles, the Anti-collision Avoidance Radar offers a customized safety solution for riders. Enhance your riding experience and prioritize safety with a system that's designed with you in mind.

Don't compromise on safety – elevate your riding experience with the Anti-collision Avoidance Radar. Where technology meets safety, trust in to protect you on every journey.


Radar Type

Millimeter-wave radar

Radar Frequency


Distance of Detect

0.3m to 170m

Accuracy of Distance


Size of Detectable


Angle of Detection

120° (near-end), 68° (far-end)

Speed of Detection


Accuracy of Speed


Transmitted Power



Power Supply Method

Built-in battery by charging through Type-C cable

Connector Port


Battery Type

Li-polymer battery

Battery Capacity

Front panel 300mAh, Rear radar 2500mAh

Battery Endurance

Both up to 7H

Wireless Type

Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHZ, module number: RTL8762CMF

Rear Warning Light

RED, Flicker

Front Warning Light

Yellow, Flicker/Solid

Waterproof Rating


Operating Voltage


Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ 60°C

Product Material


Blind Spot Monitoring

Yes, rear left + rear middle + rear right

Front panel size and weight

96*64*44mm, 37.8g

Rear radar size and weight

84*37*25mm, 147.5g

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